Important Notices

Mowing Schedule: Please be sure to thank the VOLUNTEER mowing team for their excellent work in maintaining our flying field throughout 2021. The next mowing will take place on [DATE] (XX/XX/22) from XX:XX PM – XX:XX PM.

Next General Membership Meeting: Please note that the December general membership meeting will take place on Thursday (12/9/21) at the Somers Public Library and will begin at 7:00 PM.  No club business will be conducted. Instead, this will be our club’s holiday celebration. Pizza, soda, and snacks will be served. Please bring along a snack or desert to share with others. Please note that the library requires face masks be worn inside the library when you are not eating and/or drinking.

2022 Renewal Dues Campaign: Members were sent information concerning their 2022 renewal membership dues. Your quick response to renew will enable the formation of the club’s annual operating budget. Members can either renew via a paper renewal process or via an electronic renewal process. Please go to the ‘Membership Info’ tab on this website for additional information.

Face Masks: For your protection and the protection of your fellow members and our guests, face masks are required at all club events if you have not been fully vaccinated.

NCRCC Swag: Over 80 items emblazoned with the NCRCC logo can be purchased from the “store”. You can order tee-shirts and polo shirts (and much more) with your preferred color and size choices. You can even purchase personally-customized clothing such as a shirt with a picture of you and your prize model! To visit the “store” [CLICK HERE].

Special Announcements: When at the field, please wear your membership badge.