Basics of Aerodynamics

Basics of Aerodynamics has been designed by the Northern Connecticut Radio Control Club (NCRCC) for use with various levels of youth audiences who have had limited exposure to aeronautical science. The program is intended to provide foundational knowledge and to entice interest in aviation-themed careers and avocations. By leveraging all or some of the guide’s material, the presenter can tailor it accordingly to aptly fit:

· the learning scope of the students’ age group

· the timeframe allocated for the presentation

· the presentation area and weather conditions

· the area to perform experiments associated with the sectional topics, and

· enabling the hands-on experience with radio-controlled (R/C) models in a safe manner.

Many elements of this program align with the course requirements Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts need in order to earn aviation badges.

To view or download the Guide for Presenters, click here: Basics of Aerodynamics. If you would like to obtain more information concerning Basics of Aeromodelling, you may connect to our website’s ‘Contact Us’ tab by clicking here .

Please note: One of the optional exercises associated with the Basics of Aerodynamics program is to have the students build a small model airplane from basic household items. The model is called the FPG-9 (which stands for foam plate glider made from a 9-inch plate). A presenter may benefit from previewing a short construction video created by the Academy of Model Aeronautics. To view the video, click here.