Photo Gallery

Enjoy these videos and photos highlighting the people and events of the Northern Connecticut Radio Control Club (NCRCC).

If a NCRCC member would like to request that photos/videos be posted, please send your request to the NCRCC Secretary. Click here for the Secretary’s contact information.



Ed L.’s A10 – Exciting End

NCRCC Field Day 2017

 NCRCC 2016 Pavilion Refurbished

2016 “Warbirds Over Ellington” – Freestyle Demo

2nd Annual RC Madness HeliHarvest Fun Fly 

Warbirds Over Ellington 2015 – Overview

Warbirds Over Ellington 2015 – Noontime 3D Demo

Mike M Q-500 Burial August, 2015

NCRCC Pavilion Construction, 2015

NCRCC Members – Electric Combat on May 31, 2014

NCRCC Members – Float Fly at Crystal Lake on 7/14/2014

NCRCC Combat at July 2014 Meeting

HeliHarvest 2014 at NCRCC Field

2014 NCRCC Party



3/27/21 The trees come down around the Shipping Containers

Flying at the East Windsor Dome has continued on Fridays throughout the cold weather months.  If you’re interested in indoor flying please contact Bob S- or Irv T- for details.  These people look like they are enjoying it! 

Leo N- and Ola N- visited the flying field on 3/7/21.  (Note the skis just in case!)  Despite the chill in the air, they reported virtually no snow (except in the pit area) and that the field is a bit muddy in spots.

In the age of COVID, here’s a glimpse of what our November virtual club meeting looked like. Can’t wait for the end of COVID restrictions and being able to meet in person.

February 2021: Bill G- and Bob B- were at the field and were pleased to report that everything is in good shape. Bill flew a wet-fueled Goldberg Cub on floats and Bob flew the Tidewater.

                        Click here for link to YouTube video of the 2017 NCRCC Field Day activities

    [Click here for YouTube Video of Pavilion work]

                 New Pavilion   (Click here for an updated overall Construction Video)

   Note: Music is by the Doug Jones Group with NCRCC’s Tom Piorek on drums