Member Buy / Sell

As a service to our membership, the Northern Connecticut Radio Control Club (NCRCC) enables its members to post aeromodelling-related items/services for sale or to post items/services wanted onto the this section of the website.  Members may also announce their items/services for sale or items/services wanted toward the end of a general membership meeting when New Business is discussed. 

To post an item ‘for sale’ or to post a ‘wanted’ item on the NCRCC website, a member should follow these steps. 

Send a note requesting the post to the NCRCC Secretary.  Click here for the Secretary’s contact information.

Be sure to include:

– whether it is an item/service ‘for sale’ or ‘wanted’

– a description of the item/service

– photos (PDF or JPG or IMG files preferred)

– your asking price on items/services for sale

– your name and phone number or email address

If you are interested in purchasing an item/service or responding to a ‘want’ ad, please contact the member directly.  All exchanges are between the parties and do not otherwise involve NCRCC.  Listings will remain posted for up to three (3) months unless the item is sold at which point the seller should notify the NCRCC Secretary immediately to have the posting removed.  Click here for the Secretary’s contact information.

In addition to posting your aeromodelling-related items/services for sale (or for posting for items/services wanted) onto this section of the NCRCC website, you may also want to consider placing your posts on one or more independent nationwide websites that have exceptional buy/sell marketplace or classified ad capabilities such as RC Universe, RCGroups, and FlyingGiants. There is no cost associated with postings to these independent nationwide sites.  Click here to access the NCRCC External Buyer / Seller Web Link for more information. 

Please note that NCRCC, its officers, its members, and its agents are not liable for any of the items and/or services listed, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any items and/or services listed. 


Two Brand new  VENOM  4 cell  2200 30c 14.8 volt lipo batteries.
 Both are in the original packaging with the adapters for different
plug types.  They have not been charged and have the storage charge
that  they were shipped with  Price $85.98    
They were ordered by mistake from Tower Hobbies,   I needed  3 cells not 4.
A call to Tower revealed the lipo batteries are not returnable!
So in need to see if  I can sell them within the club.


Bob Fisher Airplanes and Floats, Mike Doran, 413-218-2333

Goldberg Ultimate Biplane, OS FS120, Futaba 6ch Radio, Dave P., 860-214-9201

 Various Planes, Nick N., 860-828-1643