Student Pilot Training Program

The Northern Connecticut Radio Control Club (NCRCC) encourages and welcomes new pilots. Everyone in aeromodeling started somewhere. As with learning to drive a motor vehicle, no one has mastered this hobby without instruction, hands-on experience, and learning from mistakes. By clicking on the NCRCC Student Pilot Training Program link below, you will be able to view our process intended to facilitate your learning experience. Some learn this hobby rapidly and others at a slower pace. Your in-flight practice sessions are critical to your success and will be supported by a qualified instructor.

If you are new to aeromodeling or getting back into the hobby following a hiatus, start by coming to meetings and the flying field and introduce yourself to the NCRCC members. Get to know us and enable us to get to know you.

The next step would be to pick an instructor from the NCRCC Instructors List (see below). Your instructor will begin by evaluating your model with you to ensure its airworthiness and to help you acclimate to its mechanics and capabilities. He/she will provide you with some basic “ground school” instructions so that you begin to connect movements on the transmitter’s control sticks to the respective flying surfaces. Finally, your instructor will describe the flight plan for your day’s lesson. Shortly thereafter, your in-flight experience will begin.

Fundamentals that you will learn include:

· Most importantly, safely operating your model

· Learning pilot etiquette for yourself and with your fellow pilots

· Understanding how weather (i.e., wind, sun location, etc.) impacts your flight

· Gaining control and mastery over your model

· Flying straight and level

· Making turns without over-controlling or under-controlling

· Flying patterns

· Understanding the impact of throttle control

· Eventually learning to take-off and land

Be patient with yourself. Listen carefully to your instructor and try to follow his/her instructions to the best of your ability. You will make mistakes which are invaluable to developing your flying skill in gaining control over the model. Throughout your learning experience, your instructor will be at your side.

Be sure to thank your instructor because he/she is giving you their time and expertise.

Enjoy aeromodeling!!!


NCRCC Instructors List – 2020

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To print the NCRCC Student Pilot Training Program and/or the NCRCC Student Pilot Flight Log from the links below, once you download it simply click on your computer’s ‘print’ icon.