NCRCC, Inc. By-Laws

Article I                Name

Article II               Purpose

Article III              Membership

Article IV              Dues

Article V               Duties of Officers

Article VI              Meetings

Article VII            Club Business

Article VIII           Voting

Article IX              Nominations and Elections

Article X               Parliamentary Procedure

Article XI              Amendment

Article XII             Grievance Procedures

Article XIV           New Field Fund

Article I      Name

Section 1.            The name of the corporation shall be the NCRCC, Inc. (Hereinafter called NCRCC or Club).

Article II     Purpose

Section 1.            The purpose of this Club shall be to promote radio control model building and flying and aid insofar as possible the national program of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (hereinafter called AMA)  an association of modelers organized for the purpose of promotion, development, education, advancement, and safeguarding of modeling activities. 

Section 2.            All special or local enterprises of the NCRCC shall conform to the policies of the AMA and to the regulations of that organization in governing model aircraft contests.

Article III    Membership

Section 1.            All persons having an interest in model aviation shall be eligible for membership in the NCRCC.  All prospective members agree to abide by the AMA Safety Code and the NCRCC Field Rules, and By-Laws.   The membership shall be divided into classes as follows:

a) OPEN MEMBERS. Those 16 or more years of age as of January 1 and are AMA members in good standing.  

b) JUNIOR MEMBERS. Those who are under 16 years of age as of January 1 and are AMA members in good standing.

c) SOCIAL MEMBERS. Restricted benefit membership for non-flying applicants and who want to become included in the club.  

Section 2.            Application for membership in this club shall be made on forms provided. Application forms shall give the name and residential address of the applicant. 

Section 3.            An initiation fee (of an amount designated on the membership application) is payable with the application. In addition, the balance of the current fiscal year’s dues shall be payable upon acceptance for membership. The aforementioned fees are not refundable.  For Junior members, sixteen (16) years of age or under, no initiation fee is required.

Section 4.            Family membership rate will be equal to one and one-half the rate of a single Senior member.

Section 5.            Members not abiding by NCRCC Field Rules and by-laws shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the club, as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

Article IV    Dues

Section 1.            Dues are on a calendar year basis and shall be payable in December and must be paid by January 15th to maintain membership in the Club.

Section 2.            The amount of dues shall be set by the Executive Committee and shall be based on Club needs according to the approved budget. However, in the event that dues are to be changed, notice of such change must be made in writing at least 6 months prior to the start of the next fiscal year.

Section 3.            There shall be no membership status for persons in arrears after the February monthly meeting. Reinstatement requires payment of the full initiation fee with the membership application.

Section 4.            A special assessment can be levied on the membership in time of critical financial need provided it is recommended by the Executive Committee, and notification has been made to the membership as set forth in Section 2 above.

Section 5.            The fiscal year of this Club shall be from the first day of January to the last day of December each year.

Article V     Duties of Officers

Section 1.            Board of Directors: There shall be a Board of Directors consisting of three (3) members elected by the Club membership for a tenure of two (2) years. The board of directors shall:

a)  Act as advisors to the Club in major policy matters.

b)  Not have the power to act as agent for the Club in any financial or legal matters.

Section 2.            Executive Committee: There shall be an Executive Committee elected by the club membership for a tenure of one (1) year coinciding with the Club’s fiscal year. The Executive Committee shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Director, Club Liaison Officer, Field Marshall/Safety Officer. The Executive Committee shall:

a)  have complete charge of all Club business affairs.

b)  at least thirty (30) days before the January meeting, appoint an auditing committee consisting of three (3) Club members, (not members of the Executive Committee) who shall audit the Treasurer’s books and file its report with the Secretary; this report shall be read no later than the March monthly meeting.

c)  fill vacancies in the Executive Committee until the next election of officers.

d) prepare an annual budget for presentation and approval by the Club membership no later than the December meeting.

Section 3.            President: The president shall:

a)  preside at all Club meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee.

b)  upon request of any member of the Executive Committee, call a special meeting of that committee.

c)  act as spokesman for the Club in all Club matters.

Section 4.            Vice-President: The Vice-President shall:

a)  act for the President when the President is unable to serve.

b)  be custodian of all Club property and be responsible for maintaining records and location thereof.  

c)  be responsible for Club publicity and the Club Newsletter which will provide notices of all monthly Club meetings.

d)  be responsible to appoint a Grievance committee in accordance with Article XII hereof.

Section 5.            Secretary: The Secretary shall:

a)  be responsible for the records of the Club.

b)  keep a current roster of the Club membership and perform other duties usually pertaining to his/her office.

c)  mail out ballots for election of officers, or for special votes where necessary, which may be included with the normal Newsletter for the meeting at which the ballots are to be counted.

Section 6.            Treasurer: The Treasurer shall:

a)  have custody of all funds and Securities of the Club.

b)  sign all Club checks.

c)  endorse checks on behalf of the Club for deposit in a bank approved by the Executive Committee.

d)  whenever required by the Executive Committee, render a statement of Club accounts.

e)  maintain a bookkeeping system approved by the Executive Committee, and enter regularly in the books of the Club (to be kept by him/her for that purpose) a full and accurate account of all moneys received and paid out by him/her on the Club’s account.

f)  perform all other duties usually pertaining to his/her office, including exhibiting his/her books to the Auditing Committee as prescribed in Article V, Section 2.

Section 7.            Activities Director: The Activities Director shall:

  1. be responsible for coordinate all activities of the Club.

Section 8.            Liaison Officer: The liaison Officer shall:

a)  provide guidance to new members.

b)  be prepared to assist other officers in any activities as necessary for Club operations.

c)  distribute to new members, kits consisting of Club by-laws, Field Rules, and a Club membership roster.

d)  Run the monthly prize raffle.

Section 9.            Field Marshal/Safety Officer: The Field Marshal/Safety Officer shall:

a)  Be responsible for the operation, maintenance, and safety of the flying site.

b)  Appoint a committee as required to assist him is carrying out his duties.

c)  Recommend (to the Executive Committee) members requiring disciplinary action for violation of field safety rules.

Article VI    Meetings

Section 1.            Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall meet as needed by Club policy. The Board of Directors may call a meeting of the Executive Committee for a specific purpose.

Section 2.            Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall meet at a time and place selected by the Executive Committee. Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the President at any time. A minimum of five (5) members is required for a quorum.

Section 3.            Club Meetings: The Club shall meet monthly at a time and place designated by the Executive Committee. Twenty percent (20%) of the Club membership shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4.            Special Meetings: Special meetings of the Club may be called by the Executive Committee within twenty (20) days after receipt of a written petition signed by twenty-five percent (20%) of the club members. All Club members shall be notified of Special Meetings a minimum of five (5) days in advance of such meetings.

Article VII Club Business

Section 1.            Business will normally not be conducted at club meetings but will instead be conducted by the Executive Committee and reported to the membership in accordance with Article VI, Section 3. The Executive Committee will, on matters of significant importance, present these items for discussion and voting at the club meeting. Club members should present items of business to Club officers for consideration prior to the monthly Executive Committee meetings.

Article VIII Voting

Section 1.            a) Voting by the membership for the election of the Executive Committee members shall be by secret ballot.   

                              b) Voting on all other matters presented to the membership at the meeting shall be by written ballot or by show of hands as the presiding officer shall decide. A simple majority of those in attendance shall rule, providing a quorum is present.

Section 2.            Executive Committee Meetings  Voting at Executive Committee meetings shall be by members of the Committee and a majority of votes cast shall determine all issues to be presented to the Club membership.

Article IX    Nominations and Elections

Section 1.            Nominations for Executive Committee shall be made by a Nominating Committee consisting of three (3) Club members appointed by the Executive Committee. The Nominating Committee shall present its slate of candidates to the Executive Committee by November 1, so that the ballot can be mailed out by the Secretary as prescribed in Article V, Section 5.  

Section 2.            Nominations shall also be accepted from the floor at the November meeting so that they can be added to the ballot.

Section 3.            The Executive Committee shall be elected according to Article VIII, Section 1; ballots to be counted at the January meeting.  

Article X     Parliamentary Procedure

Section 1.            The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with these by-laws.

Article XI    Amendments

Section 1.            These by-laws may be amended, altered, or changed by a majority of the votes cast at any monthly meeting, special meeting, or balloting by mail of the Club, provided the total number of votes cast is equal to or exceeds the number needed to establish a quorum as stated in Article VI, Section 3  

Section 2.            Proposed amendments (alterations or changes) shall be submitted in writing (with exact wording), addressed to the Secretary at least twenty (20) days before the monthly Club meeting at which the amendments will be discussed. Publication of proposed By-Laws amendments will be made to every Club member ten (10) days by postmark before the date of the monthly Club meeting at which discussion will be held. If balloting is to be done by mail, the ballots shall be distributed by first-class mail within seven (7) days after the monthly Club meeting at which the amendment was discussed; ballots shall be counted at the next monthly meeting.

Envelopes containing returned ballots must bear the voter’s signature.  

Mail ballots must be received before the monthly meeting at which ballots are to be counted. A committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board to collect ballots from the members in advance of the meeting, but no member shall be required to surrender his/her ballot to such a committee. Abstaining ballots must be so marked and signed and for the purposes of a quorum shall be considered a cast ballot. An un-returned or blank ballot shall be considered a vote not cast and, as such, reducing the possibility of a quorum by one vote.

No ballot received after the votes have been counted may be added to modify the count.

Article XII Grievance Procedures   

The purpose of this article is to provide a course of action, in the event a Club member continually displays poor judgment or disregard for AMA Rules, Field Rules, Safety Rules, and/or Club Rules.  This course of action should only be resorted to after exhausting all attempts at an informal resolution.  In the event that the complaint is serious or cannot be resolved informally, the matter should be referred to the Grievance Committee for its consideration by means of a Grievance Form (Appendix I) to be filled out by the complainant and turned into the Grievance Committee Chairman.  At least one witness is required to sign the Grievance Form, in addition to the original complainant.  

Section  1.          A Grievance Committee shall be formed to mediate, and resolve written complaints and make necessary disciplinary recommendations to the Executive Committee.  The Grievance Committee will consist of three club members who are appointed by the Vice President and approved by the Executive Committee.  The duty and obligation for the Grievance Committee members is to be available and willing to arbitrate and moderate a grievance procedure in the event a grievance is filed during their term in service.  Term of Service will be a tenure of two years.  

Section  2.           As an AMA chartered club, NCRCC is governed by all existing AMA rules.  One such AMA rule that NCRCC intends to take seriously and therefore treat separately as far as its grievance procedure and/or disciplinary action, is AMA’s rule on the consumption of alcohol or any drug which could adversely affect the pilot’s ability to safely control a model at the flying field.  

a) A Grievance Form (Appendix I) will be filled out which will define the accused, describe details of the offence, and name the complainant.  At least one witness is required.  Upon receiving a Grievance Form, the Grievance Committee will review and report its findings and recommended disciplinary action to the Executive Committee.  The recommended disciplinary action will consist of the following:


(i) Viewpoints of both, complainants and accused will be considered.

(ii) Accused name will be disclosed to members at the next meeting.

(iii) A verbal reprimand will be given to the accused by the Grievance Committee, there shall be a 30-day loss of flying privileges, and this will be recorded in the Committee files.


(i) Committee will notify the accused in writing and the Club members via the Club newsletter that the Club will vote on the suspension of the accused at the next meeting.

(ii) Said suspension will last for a one-year minimum. (Longer if deemed necessary by the Grievance Committee).  

(iii) A member may be expelled from the Club upon a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership present at the meeting. 

(iv) Voting will be done by secret ballot at a regular monthly meeting. 

(v) The suspended/expelled member may reapply as a new member after the expiration of the period.  Suspended member will incur the current fee for “new member initiation” at the time of re-application.  

Section  3.           Any member receiving a Grievance, who directs any retaliation action against the person filling said grievance, will be subject to immediate and permanent expulsion from the Club.  This is to include threats, intimidation, physical harm, intentional equipment damage, or any other action deemed to be retaliatory by the Grievance Committee.

Article XIII Capital Improvements Fund

Section 1.            A fund herein called the Capital Improvements Fund will be established. The purpose of this fund is to make funds available for expenditures which cannot be met by the regular annual budget.

Section 2.            It shall be funded by unspent assets available after all calendar year fiscal needs have been met.

Section 3.            The Executive Committee shall determine when funds are to be used from the Capital Improvements Fund.  

Appendix I Grievance Form 


Section 1.            Any and all amendments to these By-Laws shall appear here (additions in italic, deletions in strikeout).  

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