If an emergency arises at the flying field, call 911 immediately. The “street address” for the flying field in Ellington is 150 Green Rd. After the emergency has been addressed, please also report it to Art Usher. Art Usher is the NCRCC Field Manager/Safety Officer and should be contacted following an emergency, an act of vandalism at the flying field, an animal problem at the flying field, or a potential Homeland Security situation. Art’s phone number is (860) 741-2610.

Report vandalism at the flying field to the NCRCC Field Marshall/Safety Officer who will then reach out to the Ellington Police Department at (860) 875-1522.

When an animal problem arises at the flying field, report it to the Ellington Game Warden at (860) 209-3432 or (860) 424-3333 (dispatch). Please also call the NCRCC Field Manager/Safety Officer.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security keeps America safe by securing our nation from the many threats we face including aviation security. If you “see something, say something”. Any potential Homeland Security issues such as suspicious activity should be reported to local law enforcement. The Ellington Police can be reached at (860) 875-1522. If there is an emergency, call 911. When reporting suspicious activity, be prepared by being able to report:

  • who you saw
  • what you saw
  • when you saw it
  • where it occurred
  • why it’s suspicious

Please also call the NCRCC Field Manager/Safety Officer.