Officers & Roles

The Northern Connecticut Radio Control Club (NCRCC) Executive Committee (also known as the club officers) consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Director, Club Liaison Officer, and Field Marshall/Safety Officer. There are three members of the Club’s Board of Directors. Members can contact a club officer by clicking here. All others can contact a club officer by connecting to our website’s ‘Contact Us’ tab by clicking here.

The roles of the Executive Committee include the following functions:

President (Bob LaFlamme):

· presides at all Club meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee.

· upon request of any member of the Executive Committee, calls a special meeting of that committee.

· acts as spokesman for the Club in all Club matters.


Vice-President (Mike Maznicki):

· acts for the President when the President is unable to serve.

· is the custodian of all Club property and is responsible for maintaining records and location thereof.

· is responsible for Club publicity.

· is responsible for appointing a Grievance Committee.

· distributes to new members kits consisting of Club By-Laws, Field Rules, and other pertinent documents.

· provides guidance on membership application procedures; receives and processes applications.


Secretary (Stan Kulesa):

· is responsible for the records of the Club.

· maintains a current roster of the Club membership and performs other duties usually pertaining to his/her office.

· distributes paper format and/or electronic format ballots for any contested election of Club officers and Board of Directors positions, or for special votes where necessary.


Treasurer (Len Marchese):

· has custody of all funds and financial assets of the Club.

· signs all Club checks.

· endorses checks on behalf of the Club for deposit in a bank approved by the Executive Committee.

· whenever required by the Executive Committee, renders a statement of Club accounts.

· maintains a bookkeeping system approved by the Executive Committee, and enters regularly in the books of the Club (to be kept by him/her for that purpose) a full and accurate account of all moneys received and paid out by him/her on the Club’s account.

· performs all other duties usually pertaining to his/her office, including exhibiting his/her books to the Auditing Committee.

· prepares, presents, and maintains an annual Club operating budget.

· takes responsibility for any and all reports required by taxing authorities.


Activities Director (Peter Tani):

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· is responsible for coordinating all activities of the Club.

· receives all event requests and arranges for approval by the Executive Committee.


Liaison Officer (Mark Paradise):

· assists other officers in any activities as necessary for Club operations.

· runs the monthly prize raffle at Club meetings.

· orders/sells club apparel.


Field Marshal/Safety Officer (Art Usher):

· is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and safety of the flying site.

· appoints a committee as required to assist him/her in carrying out his/her duties.

· recommends (to the Executive Committee) those members requiring disciplinary action for violation of field safety rules.


In addition to the club officers, the NCRCC members responsible for supporting this website include:

Website Master (Leo Nordell):

· built the website

· manages the website

· edits the website

Website Updaters (Ola Nordell, Stan Kulesa):

· supports and backs up the Website Master

You may contact the NCRCC members responsible for supporting this website by clicking here to access the ‘Contact Us’ tab.