Community Involvement

To supplement its extraordinary efforts to promote aeromodeling among modelers, the Northern Connecticut Radio Control Club (NCRCC) is also very proud of its long history of giving back to its community. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken.


Donations Made by NCRCC

NCRCC hosts a number of aeromodeling events sanctioned by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). These events draw pilots from throughout the U.S. along with visitors because of advertising by NCRCC and the AMA to raise awareness of an event. During a number of the events held by NCRCC, the designated Contest Director may arrange for a fundraising component for the benefit of a non-profit organization. Examples of non-profit organizations that have received cash donation payments from NCRCC fundraising include Wounded Warriors, Disabled American Veterans, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Somers Public Library, and others.


Four Town Fair

In conjunction with three other towns surrounding the NCRCC flying field in Ellington, CT, the Four Town Fair is held to showcase many of the cultural, historical, social, educational, and entertainment aspects of these four towns. It is well-attended by a range of people seeking the multi-faceted experience. NCRCC has participated in the fair by placing signage throughout the greater Ellington area to invite spectators and direct them to the flying field where our members interact with the public and demonstrate flight.


School STEM Program

In collaboration with Ellington High School, members of NCRCC have given flight demonstrations, spoken about aviation-related topics, and participated in question & answer sessions with students from their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Program. STEM is used when addressing education policy and curriculum choices in schools to improve competitiveness in science and technology development. NCRCC has also partnered with the Ellington High School STEM Program to prepare a radio-controlled model airplane.


Partnering with University Students

A team of NCRCC pilots has partnered with undergraduate and graduate engineering students from a local university enrolled in their Fundamentals of Flight class. NCRCC’s team provides aeromodeling technical support while the student teams construct their models (which implements the aerodynamic theories they have learned in the classroom). Once constructed, NCRCC’s team will also perform a pre-flight safety check and the test flight. A substantial portion of the student’s grade is contingent upon a successful test flight.


Mall Show

NCRCC hosted a static display mall show at the Enfield Square Mall in Enfield, CT. Many of our members participated; it was a lot of fun and a huge success. It gave NCRCC members an opportunity to meet people (young and old) from our community and informally talk about aeromodelling.


Cub/Boy Scout Gathering

Over its history, NCRCC has hosted multiple Cub/Boy Scout troops and provided static and flying demonstrations. NCRCC is currently developing a program to support visits by local Cub/Boy Scout troops to come to our flying field, learn about aviation, and fly radio-controlled model airplanes.


Brownie/Girl Scout Gathering

NCRCC is currently developing a program to support visits by local Brownie/Girl Scout troops to come to our flying field, learn about aviation, and fly radio-controlled model airplanes.


Civil Air Patrol Gathering

NCRCC is currently developing a program to support visits by local Civil Air Patrol squadrons to come to our flying field, learn about aviation, and fly radio-controlled model airplanes.


Visiting Scholar Program

In conjunction with local high school-level world history classes, students will study such significant events as World War I and World War II. Aeromodellers specializing in building and flying scale aircraft (miniaturized versions of full-sized aircraft, some measuring one-fifth or one-quarter the size of the full-sized aircraft) from the era or event being studied have been willing to visit the class for pre-planned period(s) and bring along a scale model and provide a lecture regarding the aircraft’s function and role to supplement the students’ learning experience. This type of learning experience would not include a flight demonstration.


Basics of Aerodynamics

Basics of Aerodynamics has been designed by NCRCC for use with various levels of youth audiences who have had limited exposure to aeronautical science. The program is intended to provide foundational knowledge and to entice interest in aviation-themed careers and avocations. By leveraging all or some of the guide’s material, the presenter can tailor it accordingly to aptly fit:

· the learning scope of the students’ age group

· the timeframe allocated for the presentation

· the presentation area and weather conditions

· the area to perform experiments associated with the sectional topics, and

· enabling the hands-on experience with radio-controlled (R/C) models in a safe manner.

Many elements of this program align with the course requirements Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts need in order to earn aviation badges. To view the Basics of Aeronautics guide for presenters click here.


Contact NCRCC

NCRCC welcomes opportunities to interact with its community. So…if you represent a local community organization/event and would like to communicate with a representative of NCRCC to discuss how we might assist your program, please click here to be brought to the NCRCC ‘Contact Us’ prompt.