Grievance Process

In the event a Northern Connecticut Radio Control Club (NCRCC) member continually displays poor judgment or disregard for the AMA Safety Code and other AMA rules and/or NCRCC Club Rules, Field Rules, Flying Protocol, and other requirements, a grievance process has been established. This course of action should only be resorted to after exhausting all attempts at an informal resolution.

In the event that the complaint is serious or cannot be resolved informally, the matter should be referred to the Grievance Committee for its consideration by means of a Grievance Form (see below) to be filled out by the complainant and returned to the Grievance Committee Chairman. At least one witness (preferably a NCRCC member) is required to sign the Grievance Form, in addition to the original complainant. Click on the link below to download a copy of the Grievance Form. To print the Grievance Form, once you download it simply click on your computer’s ‘print’ icon.

A Grievance Committee shall be formed to review, mediate, and resolve written complaints and make necessary disciplinary recommendations to the Executive Committee. The Grievance Committee will consist of three (3) club members who are appointed by the Vice President and approved by the Executive Committee. You may contact the NCRCC Vice President by clicking here. The term of service for the Grievance Committee member will be a tenure of two years.

As an AMA chartered club, NCRCC is governed by all AMA rules. One such AMA rule that NCRCC takes seriously and therefore treats separately as far as its grievance procedure and/or disciplinary action, is AMA’s rule regarding the consumption of alcohol or any drug which could adversely affect the pilot’s ability to safely control a model at the flying field.

a) A Grievance Form will be filled out which will identify the accused, describe details of the offense, and name the complainant. At least one witness (preferably a Member) is required. Upon receiving a Grievance Form, the Grievance Committee will review and report its findings and recommended disciplinary action to the Executive Committee. The recommended disciplinary action will consist of the following:

b) First Occurrence:

(i) Viewpoints of both, the complainant and the accused will be considered.

(ii) The name of the accused will be disclosed to members at the next meeting.

(iii) A verbal reprimand will be given to the accused by the Grievance Committee, there shall be a 30-day loss of flying privileges, and this will be recorded in the Grievance Committee files.

c) Second Occurrence:

(i) The Grievance Committee will notify the accused in writing and the Club members via the Club newsletter that the Club will vote on the suspension of the accused at the next meeting.

(ii) Said suspension will last for a one-year minimum. (Longer if deemed necessary by the Grievance Committee).

(iii) A member may be expelled from the Club upon a simple majority vote of the membership present at the meeting, providing a quorum is present.

(iv) Voting will be done by secret ballot at a regular monthly meeting.

(v) The suspended/expelled member may reapply as a new member after the expiration of the designated period. Suspended member will incur the new member initiation fee at the time of re-application.

Any member receiving a grievance, who directs any retaliatory action against the person filing or witnessing or processing said grievance, will be subject to immediate and permanent expulsion from NCRCC. This is to include threats, intimidation, physical harm, intentional equipment damage, or any other action deemed to be retaliatory by the Grievance Committee.