Important Notices

Mowing Schedule: The next mowing will take place on Friday (9/23/22) from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM.

Next General Membership Meeting: The October general membership meeting will take place on Thursday (10/13/22) and will begin at 5:30 PM.  The meeting will be held at the flying field in Ellington. No food/beverages will be served so please plan accordingly. Please continue to monitor this website for updated information.

Club Officer Nominations: Nominations for the NCRCC Executive Committee and the NCRCC Board of Directors are open.  You can initiate a nomination by contacting a member of the Nominating Committee, Stan Kulesa or Tom Munsell.  You can also initiate a nomination by speaking at a meeting or by sending an email or letter to the NCRCC Secretary with your name and indicating the desired position.  The email address is:  The mailing address is: NCRCC Secretary, P. O. Box 443, Ellington, CT 06029.  You can learn about the duties for each of the club officer roles by reading Article V of the NCRCC By-Laws.  The NCRCC By-Laws can be found on our website under the “Members Only” pull-down menu.  You can also speak with members of the Nominating Committee to obtain additional information.  Nominations can be made no later than during the November general membership club meeting.

NCRCC’s Future: Successful organizations typically have a “roadmap” defining actions important to its future that should be taken. To that end, an ad hoc committee prepared and proposed a three-year action plan. For NCRCC members to learn more about this plan, [CLICK HERE].

NCRCC Swag: Over 80 items emblazoned with the NCRCC logo can be purchased from the “store”. You can order tee-shirts and polo shirts (and much more) with your preferred color and size choices. You can even purchase personally-customized clothing such as a shirt with a picture of you and your prize model! To visit the “store” [CLICK HERE].

Identify Yourself: When at the field, please wear your membership badge.