Flying Field Amenities

The members of the Northern Connecticut Radio Control Club (NCRCC) fly from one of the premier sites in the northeastern United States. NCRCC welcomes the public and fellow aeromodelers to visit during the times the flying field is open. With proof of a current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership in good standing, NCRCC enables guests with limited flying privileges provided all AMA and NCRCC safety, field, and other rules are steadfastly followed. No drugs/alcohol are allowed at the NCRCC flying field.

Flying most typically occurs from dawn to dusk although internal combustion engines may not be run prior to 7:00 AM. AMA sound abatement/noise recommendations should be followed. Click here for more details.

NCRCC welcomes fixed wing aircraft, rotary aircraft, turbine aircraft, etc.


Flying Field Amenities

The amenities of the nearly 40-acre NCRCC flying field in Ellington, CT include:

· 150’ long X 20’ wide paved runway

· 600’ long X 70’ wide grass runway

· 5 pilot stations, each with 8 foot-wide safety barriers

· 7 run-up tables

· Posted windsock

· Pavilion #1 measuring 40’ X 20’

· Pavilion #2 measuring 16’ X 8’

· Control-line flying area

· Gated/locked entrance

· Parking area

· Sound system

· Message board

· Frequency board

· Handicap-accessible portable toilet during the flying season

· Picnic tables

· Pet friendly (leashes required)

If you would like to see an aerial view of the NCRCC flying field in Ellington, CT, please click here. Placing your cursor on the image and moving it will enable you to visualize views of the flying field and the surrounding area. You can also adjust it for higher/lower altitude views.


Field Manager/Safety Officer

The NCRCC Field Manager/Safety Officer has overall responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and safety of the flying field. This highly critical role appoints committees as required to assist him/her in carrying out his/her duties and recommends (to the NCRCC Executive Committee) those members requiring disciplinary action for violation of NCRCC and/or AMA safety and other rules. Click here to meet the current Field Manager/Safety Officer.



A volunteer field maintenance team composed of dedicated club members maintain the grass cutting and weed trimming. NCRCC sponsors work days each flying season during which our members are called upon to maintain/enhance the flying field’s amenities on tasks including repairing winter damage, spreading gravel, staining picnic tables, painting, raking, cleaning-up, tree/shrub trimming, etc. Periodically, special projects are initiated to make various improvements to the field’s amenities and these special projects also rely on volunteerism from our members. One example of NCRCC member volunteerism in action is the special project undertaken to build a pavilion at the flying field. Click here to view the pavilion construction video.


Inexperienced Pilots Welcome – Pilot Instruction Training Available

Everyone in aeromodelling started somewhere. NCRCC encourages and welcomes new pilots. To that end, NCRCC has designated several of its experienced pilots to serve as instructors. Click here to review a list of instructors and to view the NCRCC Student Pilot Training Program.


Flying Field Photo Gallery

NCRCC is proud of its flying field in Ellington, CT. This photo gallery highlights the amenities.

Two pavilions provide shade, house the transmitter impound, and the announcements board.
Two of the run-up stands are pictured. They provide ease for model assembly/field maintenance.
Field view from the pit area. Note the five pilot stations and windsock.
Along with a berm, safety barriers are in place to protect each pilot and spotter.
150’ long X 20’ wide paved runway; 600’ long X 70’ wide grass runway
Pictured is an aerial view of the NCRCC flying field in Ellington, CT.