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Field Status
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Field Status

Road condition:   June, 2017 - Very Good

Porta-potties:  June, 2017, 2 in-place

Dumpster: In place

Grass Runway Mowed as of 6/25/2017.

Grass Runway Rolled:  6/25/2017.

Paved Runway:  Excellent condition.

Taxiways and Pilot Stations Mowed as of 6/25/2017.

Taxiways and Pilot Stations Rolled: 6/2/2017.

C/L Circle Mowed as of 6/25/2017.

C/L Circle Rolled: 6/25/2017.

Pit Area Mowed as of 6/25/2017.

Pit Area Rolled: 6/25/2017.

Parking Lot Mowed as of 6/25/2017.


Sumac removed from Landing Approach, 6/17/2017

Millings added under Old Pavilion, 6/17/2017

Old Pavilion refurbished, November 1, 2016.

New Pavilion completed, May, 2015.

3 New Plane Stands in 2014  (thanks, Art U.).

5 new Pilot Stations installed by a group of club members on 5/13/2013 (Link to photos).

      All Pilot Stations now have removable Barriers as well.

Tractor:  Maintenance completed as of 5/20/2017.

Zero-turn Mower works well (2017)


Mowing Schedule, 2017 TBD:  Please contact Art Usher if you want to join the Mowing Team!